Friday, January 28, 2011

nappy rash, go away!

in a really distress mood rite now cos lil zahra is being attacked by nappy rash!!it has been going on and off for a a few days, but only mild rashes. but dunno y, started last nite, it got worse n zahra's nappy area turned really bright red!. poor baby, she cried everytime i change her nappy. must be really painful...ouch!. went to skin specialist, but he was not available since its the weekend here in trg on friday. have to go back tomorrow morning. in the meantime, i slap on some bud's organic baby bum balm on her nappy area. works like a charm before, but doesnt seems to work this time. i dunno what went wrong as zahra never had this kind of rashes before. there's a few things that i suspect be the cause of it:

- we recently switch diaper wipes brand. before this, i just used the anakku and pigeon brand. most of them we received as gifts, anyway. so we'd ran out of stock, so i went n bought johnson n johnson's since on the packaging it reads 'as pure as water' or something like that. i ony use diaper wipes during nighttime nappy change. for daytime, i only use the kitchen sink..hehe
- my MIL recently handwashed zahra's cloth diapers eventhough i told her a lot of times not to. she didnt wash the inserts, only the diapers. i suspect she didnt use any detergent cos they still smell a bit. i didnt bother to wash them again cos i didnt want her to feel bad if she finds out. but her intention was good though. she was just trying to help lighten my burden. esp since my maid is gone..
- maybe i didnt wash the diaper properly?but i wash them like my usual routine..hmmm

so tomorrow we'll be going back to the clinic, hope everything goes well. i'll update again on the result ya

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cloth Diaper

my fav cloth diaper of the mo' - Itti Bitti! love them.. (who doesnt?).. now only got 3,1 snap-in-one n the other two are all-in-one..

trim, delicious minky, absorbent...(psstt..i got the one above preloved at a very very cheap price!)

the standard 1st entry..

warning, this entry just a typical 1st entry

ok, i've been blogging a few times. but only manage to post like 5 posts the most.hehe. really wanted to blog bout parenting stuff, eventhough i dont know much bout it (but at least im trying!). always been blog hopping, but too busy (or lazy) to start one on my own. ok one more thing, the posts will mostly be without pics as im also lazy to snap pics..haha

anyway, i'll b blogging mostly bout my dear 10-months-old Zahra.. n my little family..

till next time, toodle-oo~