Saturday, February 26, 2011

Of courses n bottles

Having a course at gem beach resort 25km from home. Started on saturday morning n will end this afternoon.thought ive bring everything i need yesterday for full day course until 11pm which includes clothes,shoes,toiletries,breast pumps( even bought 2 sets,my harmony and freestyle).. My group finished our assignment quite late during the petang session,about 6.15pm.thought of going back home but felt a lil tired n decided to just stay at friends' room untill the night session start at 8.30pm. Once ive arrived at the room n prayed my Asar prayer,went to search for my breast pump to start pumping. And to my horror,i forgot to bring bottles!!!!!! Whattthee...!? How can i pump without bottles to attach to pump? Called my husband to come send them or bring zahra so that she can nurse directly,but he was too tired plus my MIL brought Zahra jalan2. Luckily i know how to do it by hand! That's my lifesaver! I don't quite remember the name of the method,i think it's the Marmet method.nvm,i'll browse for that later.n i pump straight into the sink. It was kinda messy,but it would do.felt quite relieved eventho it hurt a bit... Im so grateful i made effort to learn the method! After the night session,went straight back hone n zahra was already waiting for me for milk. She felt asleep like 10 minutes later.then i just pumped the rest with my old trusty medela freestyle.phew!

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Missing u

This entry should be submitted 2days ago,but forgot the email add to my blogger acc!
Been away from home for the second on my way to go backhome.cannot wait!kept thinking bout zahra.she had a hard time sleeping without me last 2 nites.pity my husband n MIL hv to go through them. Next week have to come back kl again for another make it worse,i wont b home on my daughter's birthday!no i dont want to be the kind of people u see in movies where their parents always not being there for them.but at least it always potrayed by my case,daddy will always b there,just mom yg tlebih sibuk!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

happy birthday to me!

I turned 27 last Sunday. How time flies.. Received sweet red roses from husband.thank u love u soo muchh!!!but have yet to receive the 'real' pressie from him. . He's still too busy with his MBA courses assignment rite now so we have been putting it off.. Nevermind. I can wait since i'm a bit picky n i'd like to decide what to buy since i'm the one who will be wearing it :p.

 Apart from that, i also bought some present for myself.. actually, that was only an excuse since my fingers have been itching to click 'add to cart' then 'buy'! what did i buy?




I've bought a soft structure carrier!! its about time! bout it from Snuggbaby. been salivating over this carrier actually.
even loaned one from the owner, Liza just to test it out before making the decision. the customer service is superb! requested for a customised meshed hood n she finished it in just a day. even with a baby to take care of. thumbs up! what's more, it's locally made! she's just so talented. Its really it very much! Thanx to my kaklont,kakak,hubby n also my bro-in-law for helping me choose the print.
apart from that, i also bought 3 new diapers from Tiny Tapir, involved in 2 group buys from MCDP fb group (Graham Bear Wear fitted and 2 BagShot Row Bamboo fitted+AI2). also ordered custom made cloth diapers from local mommy, Lisa Gan here. and to top it up, also ordered some limited edition Cloth Pad from Hanisah of Baby Snowdrop!. phew.. that's a lot. wait till my husband read this!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look what i found!

when mommy was about 20 years old..(polka dots flip flop??!)






on my graduation day.. i think i still look the same, but look at daddy!soo skinny! hihiii

Atopis Dermatitis

Such a complicated title, but that was what the doctor diagonised Zahra's rashes as. Basically, it's a genetic allergy to seafood n everything gatal (Read: mom should not be enjoying too much budu n belacan!!) Doc said it would clear up in a week IF we take special care or her private part. Means no diaper, not even flat lampins! Hmm... Now thats a challenge! What I did was give her cloth diapers a well deserve break n only use flats and fitteds and avoid anything synthetic like suede or microfleece. I think that's the best solution that i could manage. Kinda regret not stocking up on natural inserts like bamboo or cotton which are much much kinder to skin. Sometimes, I fold the inserts in the lampin like this:

During her first nite from the clinic, I just put her on a fleece blanket from IKEA, butt naked! Amazingly, she didn't pee at all, untill i put her in a fitted again in the morning.. Now that her rashes seems to clear up, I occasionally put her in cloth diapers, but making sure that I change it every 1-2 hours. At nite, I change it for about 2-3 times. Even have to set alarm clock multiple times.. As the result, mommy always mengantuk at work! But anything for dear Zahra, of course!