Monday, November 21, 2011

35oz Challenge- Reviewed

Managed to collect 2oz of EBM yesterday and got about 2.7oz today. Why lebih today? Sebab mommy cheated and pumped at 3.30pm! that's not lunch break.. Tapi dah bos ajak makan luar and belanja xkan nak tolak rezeki..hehe

So total EBM in stock is now about 9oz. I am reviewing this challenge again and that is because of a few reasons:
  • There's only 14 more working days to go
  • Zahra don't really drink that much nowadays
so i have decided to just stock up for 4 oz per day for 7 days which is amounting to 28oz.. 
my new initial goal would be 30oz. i think that's a nice enough target, isn't it? 

BTW, i have also ordered Fenugry, fenugreek capsules to increase my milk production. did lotsa research and i've decided that its the best. been using that time mula2 fully breastfeed Zahra tp malas makan and they ended up expired! sayangnye... i got it from Snowdrop. you can also get yours from this link. bought a lot to share with frens to save on shipping!yeayyy.. the owner is such a nice lady too! she sews cloth pads and cloth diapers too! i love her cps.... 
we'll see how it goes. i might do a review here too!
curious about fenugreek? read these up!

current stock = 9oz
21oz to go!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pumping at work..again!

Today marks the first day I'm pumping at work again. Used to do it daily but stopped when Zahra was about 10 months old due to too much workload and of course the inevitable penyakit 'M' . Why am i pumping again after such a long time? If everything goes as planned, I'll be going to Perth, Australia for a week for a business trip in mid of Dec, InsyaAllah.. What worries me the most is that Zahra won't be having her daily intake of breastmilk (no matter how little they are rite now). So I'm stocking up rite now even though i only got merely 2oz from pumping just now! Was a bit shocked but what do I expect after taking a break for wayy too long..

OK so I'm proposing myself a challenge here.. My target is to stock up about 35oz of EBM to cover 7 days of separation. That means Zahra will be having 5oz per day, or a bottle a day. Yes, she doesn't drink a lot of milk for every feeding.

Yesterday did manage to pump, got about 2.5oz, tambah dgn today's hasil 2oz, means I'm starting with just about 4.5oz. Will be taking breaks during the weekends cos Zahra would be direct fed almost 24hours including at night.. Can I really do this???

current stock = 4.5oz
30.5oz to go!!