Monday, March 28, 2011

What I'm waiting for in the mail

My last post makes me want to do this post.

What I'm waiting for in the mail:

2 Itti Bittis, 3 BSRBs, 1 wetbag...
Itti Bitti D'lish Snap-In-One in Midnight
Itti Bitti D'lish Snap-In-One in Beechworth (it's a limited edition print)
3 of these, Bagshot Row Bamboo but in different prints (but this one is yummy!)
and this luxury wetbag in Danube print (also LE)

still waiting for them to arrive..patiently... i am sick!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How I got myself addicted to Cloth Diapers!

What I'm waiting for in the mail..Delicious! (source)

Ok, so it all began with my googling over things to buy for Zahra while I was still pregnant. Read about it but haven't seen it in real life. Then, saw one at a local baby store here in Trg. They only sell Autumnz CDs. so I bought 1 red CD, thinking that I might as well try first, without committing anything. As soon as I gave birth to Zahra (oh, I will tell u the story of the birth later), my mum kept asking me to just use the lampins/flat diapers instead of the handy dispos. she said ' kesian ngn baby's bottom, kena cover je'.. Being the very modern me (or malas!), I still remember thinking that lampins would be soo inconvenience. They invented the disposable diapers, why bother with something so frugal? Besides, I think I make enough money to buy my baby ample stock of dispos (ayat berlagaknye!).

So, everyday, I would use dispos, switching from brand to brand untill I setteld with one of the cheapest in the market, Pampers. It works fine, despite the occasional easily-treated diaper rash. After a few months, I came across that Autmnz cloth diapers while cleaning up my room (messy, it was and still is). Tried it on Zahra, but didn't like it since the one size diaper is wayy too big on little Zahra. Also, the hook and loop closure kind of hurt Zahra's belly.

After a while comfortably using dispos, me and husband started to feel the burden of buying dispos. Not only we had to fork out like about RM100 a month on dispos, we also HATE it every time we'd run out of them! My former maid was a bit clumsy and blur, so she would only notify me when we really ran out of them.

So, i started to do the math of cloth diapering and disposable diapering Zahra. I've even did an Excel format document to compare them (yes, I am that geeky). And yes, it did prove that cloth diapering is the economical way and can be passed down to younger siblings! and so the frenzy began! Will blog more about this addiction later!