Thursday, December 22, 2011

My precious EBM

Uh, it's so devastating to hear from my hubby that the electric were out for one whole day yesterday at my MIL's. There was an accident nearby which resulted in a blackout session at the area. And he totally forgotten about my frozen EBM!! as soon as he realised it, he immediately brought it to my mom's house. They (the EBM bags) are now safely tucked in my mom's deep freezer. Pheww....

Monday, December 19, 2011

I am now in Perth, Australia!

I have safely landed on 19th Dec 2011 on Perth Australia! The weather is very sunny but still need a cardigan tho cause the wind is so strong menyucuk2 smpai tulang.brrr!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Suprise suprise

Suprise suprise

Not pregnant. :p

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Monday, December 5, 2011

No sign of miss P

My period is almost 2 weeks late. Should i be worried? Bought a pregnancy test kit just now but waiting for the morning to use it since i heard that thats the most effective time to test. Could it be from the fenugreek pills im taking? It doesnt state to have that side effect on the bottle but logically the pills would stimulates the lactating glands thus making the uterus contract which means the period would be affected? Not sure. Personally, i dont feel a bit like pregnant so im not really worried. Well, we'll see how the test goes tomorrow. And i might ask the seller about this..

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Monday, November 21, 2011

35oz Challenge- Reviewed

Managed to collect 2oz of EBM yesterday and got about 2.7oz today. Why lebih today? Sebab mommy cheated and pumped at 3.30pm! that's not lunch break.. Tapi dah bos ajak makan luar and belanja xkan nak tolak rezeki..hehe

So total EBM in stock is now about 9oz. I am reviewing this challenge again and that is because of a few reasons:
  • There's only 14 more working days to go
  • Zahra don't really drink that much nowadays
so i have decided to just stock up for 4 oz per day for 7 days which is amounting to 28oz.. 
my new initial goal would be 30oz. i think that's a nice enough target, isn't it? 

BTW, i have also ordered Fenugry, fenugreek capsules to increase my milk production. did lotsa research and i've decided that its the best. been using that time mula2 fully breastfeed Zahra tp malas makan and they ended up expired! sayangnye... i got it from Snowdrop. you can also get yours from this link. bought a lot to share with frens to save on shipping!yeayyy.. the owner is such a nice lady too! she sews cloth pads and cloth diapers too! i love her cps.... 
we'll see how it goes. i might do a review here too!
curious about fenugreek? read these up!

current stock = 9oz
21oz to go!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pumping at work..again!

Today marks the first day I'm pumping at work again. Used to do it daily but stopped when Zahra was about 10 months old due to too much workload and of course the inevitable penyakit 'M' . Why am i pumping again after such a long time? If everything goes as planned, I'll be going to Perth, Australia for a week for a business trip in mid of Dec, InsyaAllah.. What worries me the most is that Zahra won't be having her daily intake of breastmilk (no matter how little they are rite now). So I'm stocking up rite now even though i only got merely 2oz from pumping just now! Was a bit shocked but what do I expect after taking a break for wayy too long..

OK so I'm proposing myself a challenge here.. My target is to stock up about 35oz of EBM to cover 7 days of separation. That means Zahra will be having 5oz per day, or a bottle a day. Yes, she doesn't drink a lot of milk for every feeding.

Yesterday did manage to pump, got about 2.5oz, tambah dgn today's hasil 2oz, means I'm starting with just about 4.5oz. Will be taking breaks during the weekends cos Zahra would be direct fed almost 24hours including at night.. Can I really do this???

current stock = 4.5oz
30.5oz to go!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Haircut

Gone were the boring long cut like this..(which i kept since i was pregnant with Zahra (gasp!)

to a fresh shorter one like this! liking the picture of Katie and indeed!

but of course both mummies are way hotter than me. hehe

how do you like it? :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Package from US

Im all smiles! :)). The package from Mrs Melor Rahman from Denver has arrived! These are all the dipes ordered all over US. There are also 4 handbags in the package. Will post more pics later.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fluffy Mail!

So sorry for not posting for quite a while. Too busy with work and such. Ok now I want to get back on track.
There’s something I want to share today..











L-R - 1st column 4 Itti Bittis (2 AIO, 2 SIO), 2nd column 1 preloved Softbums hybrid, 1 preloved Bumstoppers fitted, 1 Blueberry training pants, 1 preloved Weehuggers diaper cover, 3rd column 2 fleece shorties, 2 fleece soakers (bought straight from US), 4th column 3 Sunbaby pockets (for a friend), La Mer cream and clensing lotion, 5th column 1 QQbaby, 1 Sunnybaby (both for fren), 1 shirt, 1 bamboo insert, lastly 1 Grovia AIO (friend's) 1 Grovia AI2 with 2 soakers.

The fleece soakers and shorties purchased straight from etsy cart at a really discounted price. Only the shipping is a tad pricey though. The purple shorties terus pakai for 2 nights in a row without prewashing (lazy mommy!!) and works really great! Love it so far.. and did I mention that they are squishy soft?.. fleece are my favourite cover during nighttime if paired with need to worry about leaking whatsoever!

What I’m STILL waiting for in the mail:

1.       1   Baby Wombie AI2 
2.       2 MGpatch AI2 (or fitted?)
3.       4 Pianissimo fitted (ordered straight from Canada lama dh xsmpai2..)
4.       1 fitted from hyenacart (lupa nama kedai)
5.       2 WI2 (hyenacart)
6.       for mommy - 4 cps from yurtcraft
7.       4 cps from Randumosity
8.       some customs from Puan Lynn (3 diapers, 4 mending, 3 cps (betul ke ni?lupa dh)
9.       another 2 IBs from Theresa
10.   4 handbags from US for mommy n sisters

Bila nak insaf????????

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New work footwear!!

Ok so its not really that new,hubby recently bought for me 2weeks ago n i wear them everyday to work since then! They're actually a very late bday present from hubby( im just too picky). Been searching highs n lows for the perfect pair n there they were,sitting elegantly on the rack in a store in OU..

My new heels! Bought them in an Ecco store.they r unbelievably comfy. Better than carlo rino leather (nice design but hurt teribly! Have to wear skin socks everytime i wear them), clarks that i got as my hantaran kahwin..

The heels r sinfully high,but deliciously comfy! Finally,the answer to my perfect heels for work!(except that if they are in brown color n gold buckle would b more lovely).. Plus,i got them at 40% discount!!!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

She talks before she walks!

Zahra will turn 14 months tomorrow. wow, how does my little baby grow so fast?

So 1 thing that i am very proud of her is that she can talk. A LOT. she just repeats what everybody says. ok, here's a quick list of her fav words:

mama (mummy)
dede (daddy)
nek (nenek)
tak (supposed to be mummy ha, my little sis but she's so used to hearing us call her kakak)
tek (cat)
bek (bird)
bo (ball)
tup (tutup)
tuh (jatuh)
do (tido)
taaakkk (chakkk as in auu chak)
when we say alif, she says 'baa' (means it's time to open up the 'my fist quran' iphone apps)
boh (tok abah) 
yoyo ( as in rapping)
.. and everything else we say!

besides, she also loves to imitate us. like my gamelan practice (when she would sway her hand like 'usop wilcha of hantu kak limah balik rumah), dancing to everything, sujud when she sees us solat, reciting the azan, etc..

and lately, she can walk! a few short steps but she's getting there. 

sayang Zahra, mummy is soo proud of u and wishes u good health all the time. She also loves u soo much. semoga jadi seorang anak yang solehah dan berjaya ye sayang!

 mummy, look - no hands!

mummy thinks that my pair of slip-on is the coolest!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinner at Garden NACC

Had a super dinner at Garden NACC, Chendering with hubby, Zahra, sisters and dad. The food was good, esp the tomyam. Taste a bit like Paradise Deluxe's. Forgot to take photos of the food since we were too bz eating! Zahra was bz playing with the fork and spoon!

And cheeky Zahra was soo excited when she saw the mini playground! Heck, even mommy pun naik slide ngn Zahra.

Plus, a RARE pic of mummy and daddy.. <3 <3 <3

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy heinys

Trying on HH for the first time. Me trying to stop Zahra from stripping herself butt-naked!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Want to Win Babywearing Gears for Great Cloth Diaper Change – KL!

This entry i hope would win me a baby carrier!

First of all, there's this event called the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011  that aims to set a world record for the most cloth diapers ever changed simultaneously. Yup, you've read right. It's a plan to break the Guinness(TM) World Record! The event is also held in Puchong, organised by this sweet lady, Farhana Fadzil of, by bringing Malaysian mommies to participate in the important event too!

Ok, so as much as I want to join the event, I'm too far away to participate, plus my hubby will have his final paper on that day :((. So what I'm gonna do is to just participate in this Giveaway held in conjunction to the event. GREAT!

So, this is my entry....

I started to know about babywearing back then during my pregnancy days. It was in fact in my wishlist. Read them everywhere online.  But since there's no decent baby store in Kuala Terengganu then, I had never tried one. So, after getting myself addicted to cloth diaper through Diaper Asia, i had come to know more about babywearing gears and how they can help parents to bond with their babies while doing other chores @multitasking. i came to know the many kind of babywearing gears, including pouch, ring sling, wrap, mei tai and soft structure carrier.

so far, this is my stash..

a Snuggbaby SSC and

a Jumpsacbaby ring sling.

I know it's not much, but they have been great help to me!

My dream carrier would be something practical,  parent-friendly, compact, not bulky, and MUST be comfortable to the parents and baby. It also must be versatile and can be worn by both me (petite-size) and my husband (large-framed) with minimum adjustment. The material (especially the body panel) need to be made from breathable material so that both the parents and child would stay cool despite our warm weather.  The hood also comes with variety of choices such as meshed hood for hot indoor activities, regular hood for sunny days or with waterproof layer such as PUL for those short unexpected dashes in the rain where you forgot to bring your umbrella (or when the PUL prints are just too cute to resist :) )

The waist and shoulder padding also must be comfortable for the parents and can be easily adjusted to cater for mum (waist measurement 25") and dad (waist measurement 36"!).  It should also could be used multiple ways such as front carry when baby is fussy, back carry for longer trip, or hip carry. It should be folded into a bag so that it can easily be carried or stored when not in used. Nice!

Stylish designer prints for the body panel must be gender-neutral to allow both parents to try it. Here are some of the prints that are worth drooling.. (all photos credit to Art Gallery Fabrics):

their Alhambra and Alhambra II Collection (Suitable for moms and dads)

or their Naturella Collection

Actually, all of their collections are gorgeous..I'm going crazy!hehe

Proudly Malaysian brands of baby carriers are generously sponsoring these prizes :  1 x The Stork SSC by SNUGGbaby1 x Mei Tai by NeezaNeedles1 x Ring Sling by Deana Design

Between all 3 of the prizes the Giveaway offers, what I want the most is the Mei Tai. Why? Simply because I have never tried one before and have been reading everywhere how convenient and versatile it is. Sure, it needs a lot more practice than an SSC, but once I get the hang of it, I'm sure will love it! Furthermore, the design of Mei Tai by NeezaNeedles are gorgeous! But, Snuggbaby "The Stork" would be lovely too since I'm already familiar with the Snuggbaby high quality handwork...

So please, judges..pick my entry! ;))

Monday, March 28, 2011

What I'm waiting for in the mail

My last post makes me want to do this post.

What I'm waiting for in the mail:

2 Itti Bittis, 3 BSRBs, 1 wetbag...
Itti Bitti D'lish Snap-In-One in Midnight
Itti Bitti D'lish Snap-In-One in Beechworth (it's a limited edition print)
3 of these, Bagshot Row Bamboo but in different prints (but this one is yummy!)
and this luxury wetbag in Danube print (also LE)

still waiting for them to arrive..patiently... i am sick!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How I got myself addicted to Cloth Diapers!

What I'm waiting for in the mail..Delicious! (source)

Ok, so it all began with my googling over things to buy for Zahra while I was still pregnant. Read about it but haven't seen it in real life. Then, saw one at a local baby store here in Trg. They only sell Autumnz CDs. so I bought 1 red CD, thinking that I might as well try first, without committing anything. As soon as I gave birth to Zahra (oh, I will tell u the story of the birth later), my mum kept asking me to just use the lampins/flat diapers instead of the handy dispos. she said ' kesian ngn baby's bottom, kena cover je'.. Being the very modern me (or malas!), I still remember thinking that lampins would be soo inconvenience. They invented the disposable diapers, why bother with something so frugal? Besides, I think I make enough money to buy my baby ample stock of dispos (ayat berlagaknye!).

So, everyday, I would use dispos, switching from brand to brand untill I setteld with one of the cheapest in the market, Pampers. It works fine, despite the occasional easily-treated diaper rash. After a few months, I came across that Autmnz cloth diapers while cleaning up my room (messy, it was and still is). Tried it on Zahra, but didn't like it since the one size diaper is wayy too big on little Zahra. Also, the hook and loop closure kind of hurt Zahra's belly.

After a while comfortably using dispos, me and husband started to feel the burden of buying dispos. Not only we had to fork out like about RM100 a month on dispos, we also HATE it every time we'd run out of them! My former maid was a bit clumsy and blur, so she would only notify me when we really ran out of them.

So, i started to do the math of cloth diapering and disposable diapering Zahra. I've even did an Excel format document to compare them (yes, I am that geeky). And yes, it did prove that cloth diapering is the economical way and can be passed down to younger siblings! and so the frenzy began! Will blog more about this addiction later!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Of courses n bottles

Having a course at gem beach resort 25km from home. Started on saturday morning n will end this afternoon.thought ive bring everything i need yesterday for full day course until 11pm which includes clothes,shoes,toiletries,breast pumps( even bought 2 sets,my harmony and freestyle).. My group finished our assignment quite late during the petang session,about 6.15pm.thought of going back home but felt a lil tired n decided to just stay at friends' room untill the night session start at 8.30pm. Once ive arrived at the room n prayed my Asar prayer,went to search for my breast pump to start pumping. And to my horror,i forgot to bring bottles!!!!!! Whattthee...!? How can i pump without bottles to attach to pump? Called my husband to come send them or bring zahra so that she can nurse directly,but he was too tired plus my MIL brought Zahra jalan2. Luckily i know how to do it by hand! That's my lifesaver! I don't quite remember the name of the method,i think it's the Marmet method.nvm,i'll browse for that later.n i pump straight into the sink. It was kinda messy,but it would do.felt quite relieved eventho it hurt a bit... Im so grateful i made effort to learn the method! After the night session,went straight back hone n zahra was already waiting for me for milk. She felt asleep like 10 minutes later.then i just pumped the rest with my old trusty medela freestyle.phew!

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Missing u

This entry should be submitted 2days ago,but forgot the email add to my blogger acc!
Been away from home for the second on my way to go backhome.cannot wait!kept thinking bout zahra.she had a hard time sleeping without me last 2 nites.pity my husband n MIL hv to go through them. Next week have to come back kl again for another make it worse,i wont b home on my daughter's birthday!no i dont want to be the kind of people u see in movies where their parents always not being there for them.but at least it always potrayed by my case,daddy will always b there,just mom yg tlebih sibuk!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

happy birthday to me!

I turned 27 last Sunday. How time flies.. Received sweet red roses from husband.thank u love u soo muchh!!!but have yet to receive the 'real' pressie from him. . He's still too busy with his MBA courses assignment rite now so we have been putting it off.. Nevermind. I can wait since i'm a bit picky n i'd like to decide what to buy since i'm the one who will be wearing it :p.

 Apart from that, i also bought some present for myself.. actually, that was only an excuse since my fingers have been itching to click 'add to cart' then 'buy'! what did i buy?




I've bought a soft structure carrier!! its about time! bout it from Snuggbaby. been salivating over this carrier actually.
even loaned one from the owner, Liza just to test it out before making the decision. the customer service is superb! requested for a customised meshed hood n she finished it in just a day. even with a baby to take care of. thumbs up! what's more, it's locally made! she's just so talented. Its really it very much! Thanx to my kaklont,kakak,hubby n also my bro-in-law for helping me choose the print.
apart from that, i also bought 3 new diapers from Tiny Tapir, involved in 2 group buys from MCDP fb group (Graham Bear Wear fitted and 2 BagShot Row Bamboo fitted+AI2). also ordered custom made cloth diapers from local mommy, Lisa Gan here. and to top it up, also ordered some limited edition Cloth Pad from Hanisah of Baby Snowdrop!. phew.. that's a lot. wait till my husband read this!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look what i found!

when mommy was about 20 years old..(polka dots flip flop??!)






on my graduation day.. i think i still look the same, but look at daddy!soo skinny! hihiii

Atopis Dermatitis

Such a complicated title, but that was what the doctor diagonised Zahra's rashes as. Basically, it's a genetic allergy to seafood n everything gatal (Read: mom should not be enjoying too much budu n belacan!!) Doc said it would clear up in a week IF we take special care or her private part. Means no diaper, not even flat lampins! Hmm... Now thats a challenge! What I did was give her cloth diapers a well deserve break n only use flats and fitteds and avoid anything synthetic like suede or microfleece. I think that's the best solution that i could manage. Kinda regret not stocking up on natural inserts like bamboo or cotton which are much much kinder to skin. Sometimes, I fold the inserts in the lampin like this:

During her first nite from the clinic, I just put her on a fleece blanket from IKEA, butt naked! Amazingly, she didn't pee at all, untill i put her in a fitted again in the morning.. Now that her rashes seems to clear up, I occasionally put her in cloth diapers, but making sure that I change it every 1-2 hours. At nite, I change it for about 2-3 times. Even have to set alarm clock multiple times.. As the result, mommy always mengantuk at work! But anything for dear Zahra, of course!

Friday, January 28, 2011

nappy rash, go away!

in a really distress mood rite now cos lil zahra is being attacked by nappy rash!!it has been going on and off for a a few days, but only mild rashes. but dunno y, started last nite, it got worse n zahra's nappy area turned really bright red!. poor baby, she cried everytime i change her nappy. must be really painful...ouch!. went to skin specialist, but he was not available since its the weekend here in trg on friday. have to go back tomorrow morning. in the meantime, i slap on some bud's organic baby bum balm on her nappy area. works like a charm before, but doesnt seems to work this time. i dunno what went wrong as zahra never had this kind of rashes before. there's a few things that i suspect be the cause of it:

- we recently switch diaper wipes brand. before this, i just used the anakku and pigeon brand. most of them we received as gifts, anyway. so we'd ran out of stock, so i went n bought johnson n johnson's since on the packaging it reads 'as pure as water' or something like that. i ony use diaper wipes during nighttime nappy change. for daytime, i only use the kitchen sink..hehe
- my MIL recently handwashed zahra's cloth diapers eventhough i told her a lot of times not to. she didnt wash the inserts, only the diapers. i suspect she didnt use any detergent cos they still smell a bit. i didnt bother to wash them again cos i didnt want her to feel bad if she finds out. but her intention was good though. she was just trying to help lighten my burden. esp since my maid is gone..
- maybe i didnt wash the diaper properly?but i wash them like my usual routine..hmmm

so tomorrow we'll be going back to the clinic, hope everything goes well. i'll update again on the result ya

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cloth Diaper

my fav cloth diaper of the mo' - Itti Bitti! love them.. (who doesnt?).. now only got 3,1 snap-in-one n the other two are all-in-one..

trim, delicious minky, absorbent...(psstt..i got the one above preloved at a very very cheap price!)

the standard 1st entry..

warning, this entry just a typical 1st entry

ok, i've been blogging a few times. but only manage to post like 5 posts the most.hehe. really wanted to blog bout parenting stuff, eventhough i dont know much bout it (but at least im trying!). always been blog hopping, but too busy (or lazy) to start one on my own. ok one more thing, the posts will mostly be without pics as im also lazy to snap pics..haha

anyway, i'll b blogging mostly bout my dear 10-months-old Zahra.. n my little family..

till next time, toodle-oo~