Sunday, May 15, 2011

New work footwear!!

Ok so its not really that new,hubby recently bought for me 2weeks ago n i wear them everyday to work since then! They're actually a very late bday present from hubby( im just too picky). Been searching highs n lows for the perfect pair n there they were,sitting elegantly on the rack in a store in OU..

My new heels! Bought them in an Ecco store.they r unbelievably comfy. Better than carlo rino leather (nice design but hurt teribly! Have to wear skin socks everytime i wear them), clarks that i got as my hantaran kahwin..

The heels r sinfully high,but deliciously comfy! Finally,the answer to my perfect heels for work!(except that if they are in brown color n gold buckle would b more lovely).. Plus,i got them at 40% discount!!!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

She talks before she walks!

Zahra will turn 14 months tomorrow. wow, how does my little baby grow so fast?

So 1 thing that i am very proud of her is that she can talk. A LOT. she just repeats what everybody says. ok, here's a quick list of her fav words:

mama (mummy)
dede (daddy)
nek (nenek)
tak (supposed to be mummy ha, my little sis but she's so used to hearing us call her kakak)
tek (cat)
bek (bird)
bo (ball)
tup (tutup)
tuh (jatuh)
do (tido)
taaakkk (chakkk as in auu chak)
when we say alif, she says 'baa' (means it's time to open up the 'my fist quran' iphone apps)
boh (tok abah) 
yoyo ( as in rapping)
.. and everything else we say!

besides, she also loves to imitate us. like my gamelan practice (when she would sway her hand like 'usop wilcha of hantu kak limah balik rumah), dancing to everything, sujud when she sees us solat, reciting the azan, etc..

and lately, she can walk! a few short steps but she's getting there. 

sayang Zahra, mummy is soo proud of u and wishes u good health all the time. She also loves u soo much. semoga jadi seorang anak yang solehah dan berjaya ye sayang!

 mummy, look - no hands!

mummy thinks that my pair of slip-on is the coolest!