Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm pregnant again!

Alhamdulillah sgt bersyukur kpd Allah sbb im pregnant again! Ive calculated thiS myself n my EDD is on 7th Feb 2013. Oh well our birthdays are all so close apart.. Im now 10weeks preggy n been having tons of morning sickness symptoms. Morning to night sickness. Im hoping for a boy but im ok with a girl.. But my mom n dad esp wants a guy in the family. There are sure lots of girls in our house! As for Zara, i think its true what they say, pe'el bertambah2 bile kakak nak adik. She constantly ask me to dukung her. It sure is challenging being pregnant with a toddler around. Nasib baik i have my wonderful wonderfl husband around. He does all the cooking (only occasionally cos i cant stand the smell of anything cooked in oil!), laundry, tKing care or Zara. I cant even change her diaper cos the smell is too much for my nose. Im currently using dispo cos cant stand the smell when it comes to laundry time. Hope its only teporary n i'll be able to use cloth diapers again in my second trimester.. Im now looking for unscented shampoo n shower gel cos i cant stand the smell of once-very-fragrant toileteries!