Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drafting My Birth Plan

it sounded easy but it's really hard to start!

what i need to consider:

- to not sound too 'know-it-all' mcm i know better than my doctor
- to not make anyone including the nurses tersinggung
- to not sound so demanding n childish
- to sound gentle n polite
- to make sure i allow some alternatives in case things do not happen the way i want it to happen

basically, this is what i want:

- No scheduled vaginal examination unless really necessary.
- No pitocin or any drugs for induction
- To be allowed to use natural induction - walking, nipple stimulation, acupressure
- No painkillers. only relaxation techniques (breathing, visualisation, massage, hot shower)
- Allowed to drink and eat to replace IV fluids.
- No artificial rupture of membranes
- No episiotomy
- To use birth breathing instead of 'purple pushing' during second stage labour
- To be allowed prolonged length of birth breathing unless it takes too long
- No 4-hourly/continuous tocography (CTG) monitoring unless really necessary.
- Allowed to birth in any position I feel comfortable
- No drugs to expedite placenta delivery for I wanted it to spontaneously be delivered by itself.
- Immediate breastfeeding to encourage placenta delivery
- Immediate and long skin-to-skin contact of baby and me
- Delayed cord clamping until it stop pulsating
- Baby to not be allowed formula feeding unless mom cannot breastfeed

phew, thats a long list! now how do i rewrite it in a more polite manner???

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