Sunday, January 20, 2013

My wish for a gentle birth

i've been neglecting this blog for soo long. hope this entry will be a start of a better blog management in the future!

i am now 37weeks 6 days pregnant according to what to expect apps in my iphone. so eager to meet the baby. currently im focusing on this...

purchased this book during the end of second semester from (free worldwide shipping!) after failing to find it in MPH stores. plus its way cheaper than buying from the store but u only have to wait a while for it to arrive. mine took about 7-10 days.

I've only finished reading it about 2 weeks ago. I know im a bit late in my preparation towards gentle birth but thats better than knowing nothing, right?

whats covered in this book:

- how to overcome fear of childbirth
- how fear translate to difficulties during birth
- how our uterus works during surges (contractions)
- breathing methods - slow breathing, sleep breathing and birth breathing
- visualisation methods for relaxation
- exercises for preggy mommies
- birthing positions
- the benefits of Kegel exercise, perineal massage, etc
- example of birth plan
- so much more

some of the nice encouraging quotes found in the book

so if you have traumatic birth or just wanted to experience orgasmic birth (yes, it can happen!), you got to try read this book.

there's one thing i would really want to do but have no rezeki so far is to attend one of the classes offered. most of them are in KL btw. would make do with the book and internet.

Wish me a safe, natural and gentle birth! InsyaAllah

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